News 7 March 2017

WA releases evaluation report

The WA Government has released the long awaited evaluation report comparing the WA NDIS and NDIS models – a month after announcing it would go ahead with a state based model nationally consistent with other states and territories.

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News 1 February 2017

NDIS certainty in the West but what does the WA agreement mean?

The Western Australian and Commonwealth Governments have signed a bilateral agreement for the roll out of the NDIS that is delivered by the WA Government but is “nationally consistent” with other states and territories.

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News 17 January 2017

New NDIS sites from 1 Jan

The NDIS roll out is continuing in 2017, with four new regions across the country and two new age groups in South Australia and Tasmania entering the NDIS from 1 January.

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News 2 December 2016


A decision has finally been reached about the future of the NDIS in Western Australia, paving the way for a statewide rollout of a WA-managed NDIS from 1 July next year.

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Research and Reports 16 November 2016

NDIA Annual Report 2015-16

Check out the NDIS’s new Annual Report. It’s a snapshot of the final year of the NDIS trials as the scheme moved to the full roll out on July 1, 2016.

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News 1 November 2016

NDIS in WA remains in stalemate

People with disability in Western Australia have again been left wondering about their future after the state and federal governments missed the deadline for agreement on how the NDIS will be delivered in their state.

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News 20 September 2016

Staying up to date with the NDIS

The NDIS is beginning to roll out in many areas of Australia so we’ve updated our website to make sure we’re continuing to have the right answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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News 8 September 2016

What’s happening in WA?

Seven of Australia’s eight states and territories are rolling out the NDIS, but in Western Australia they’re still talking about trial sites.

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News 6 September 2016

NDIA myplace portal – an update

After so many issues with the new myplace portal over recent months, disability ministers from around the country have met to make sure any issues are ironed out for good.

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Opinion 4 August 2016

Access NDIS

Today, the call came. After years of campaigning, seeing it germinate from a crazy new idea to a bi-partisan policy, biting fingernails over government changes, trials and then the roll out and waiting to transition.

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Opinion 27 July 2016

WA need our perspective, not theirs

Around the country, disabled Australians and their families were celebrating. Australia is #ndisready, social media proudly proclaimed. A sea of purple signs, bearing the words ‘I <3 ndis’, rolled across our computer monitors and television screens.

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Opinion 19 July 2016

People get ready… as the NDIS becomes a reality

Up until now, for many of us living with disabilities or caring for someone with a disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been something that we have only advocated for and dreamt about. But on 1 July, the NDIS moved from trial phase to full rollout and for thousands of Australians, the advocacy will finally pay off and it will be time to turn those dreams into reality. Here is some advice on what you need to do to get NDIS ready.

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News 5 July 2016

Election 2016 – what’s next for the NDIS?

There’s no clear winner yet in the Federal Election, but plenty of new faces in Parliament.

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News 1 July 2016

1 July – what they said

Today marked the start of the NDIS moving beyond the trial sites. We take a look at how Australia celebrated.

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News 1 July 2016

We made it real!

Today the NDIS moves from a handful of trial sites to the beginning of full roll out to people with disability across Australia. 

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News 28 June 2016

Catching up with Leigh

Leigh Creighton shared his story with Every Australian Counts just as he embarked on his NDIS journey three years ago. With the full NDIS roll out starting this Friday in many part of Australia we caught up with Leigh to see how it’s working out.

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News 23 June 2016

We did it! 150/150

Every Australian Counts supporters have asked every candidate in every one of the 150 federal electorates to pledge to make the NDIS the best it can be ahead of next week’s election.

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News 30 May 2016

The finer details on the NT roll out

The NDIS will double funding for disability support in the Northern Territory and provide support for more than 6,500 Territorians with disability once it is fully rolled out by July 2019.

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News 25 May 2016

NDIS roll out still going strong

The latest progress report on the NDIS is out and it shows that almost 25,000 Australians now have approved plans in place – that’s just over 2,500 new participants since December.

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News 19 April 2016

NDIS to provide jobs for Queensland

More good news for Queenslanders, with a new study showing the NDIS will deliver both jobs and resources to the Sunshine State.

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Research and Reports 19 April 2016

Economic Benefits of the NDIS in Queensland

National Disability Services and Every Australian Counts have released a paper showing the potential scale of the economic benefits the NDIS will bring to Queensland.

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News 30 March 2016

100 days to go!

We passed a huge milestone last week – 100 days until the full roll out of the NDIS begins across Australia. Exciting times, but there’s a lot of work still do to make sure everyone’s NDIS ready.

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News 18 March 2016

Explainer: Who’s funding the NDIS?

There’s a lot of commentary out there and it can be confusing to make sense of what the NDIS means in dollar terms. We hear you! Here’s an explainer of the money involved: how much it is, where it comes from and how it compares with current spending on disability programs.

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News 3 December 2015

Great work Tassie!

More than 10,000 Tasmanians will have access to the NDIS, with Tassie the next state to announce full roll out plans – right on International Day of People with Disability.

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