News 5 August 2015

Countdown’s begun to the 2015 National Disability Awards

Know someone who’s making an amazing difference in the disability sector? Now’s your chance to show how much you appreciate them.

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Opinion 4 August 2015

My friend Bradley

I have been an advocate for a man with complex needs for nearly 20 years. The journey I have been on with him and his family over this time has seen some great outcomes for him, but it remains a constant struggle to ensure he has the funding needed for his support. We are hopeful that the NDIS will change this!

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News 3 August 2015

8 brilliant new accessibility inventions

Every wondered what smart glasses could look like or how you could make your computer entirely hands free?

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News 28 July 2015

NDIS focus for major desert festival

Held from 31 July – 5 August 2015 in Tennant Creek, the Annual Desert Harmony Festival is an action packed celebration of community, music, food and art, which this year celebrates disability and the NDIS.

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News 24 July 2015

Every Australian has a right to work

Access to jobs is one of the most important human rights issues people with disability face according to a national survey by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

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Opinion 21 July 2015

I love my job – support workers embrace opportunities under the NDIS

As the roll-out of the NDIS comes to a town near you, or continues to bed-in across trial sites, the changes and challenges facing workers in the disability sector are becoming increasingly apparent.

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News 21 July 2015

#goaussies: Australian Special Olympians head to LA

Good luck to Australia’s Special Olympics team heading off to Los Angeles this week for the World Summer Games.

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News 16 July 2015

Exciting times ahead: lessons from the NDIS trial sites

It’s two years since the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) trial site started in the Hunter and a year after it kicked off in the ACT, so we spoke to one of the large disability providers in both trial sites to find out how they think it’s going and what they’ve learned so far.

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News 16 July 2015

Why are there still access issues at my train station?

A five-year review of the accessibility of Australia’s public transport networks found that 10 years after the first disability transport standards were first introduced, there’s still plenty more to do.

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News 14 July 2015

Queensland announces early launch of NDIS

The Queensland Government has announced $1.9 million for “the early launch of a National Disability Insurance Scheme”.

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News 10 July 2015

Disability Rights and Every Australian Counts Campaign inspires an exhibition

Disability Leader Katharine Annear of South Australia, one of 12 disability leaders represented in the Grassroots Democracy: the Campaign for Disability Rights Exhibition.

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Opinion 8 July 2015

We are worth the investment

“I say the ‘I’ in NDIS should stand for ‘investment’. We are worth the investment. To move forward we need people to believe in us, to back us up, and create opportunities. When people have confidence in us then we start to believe in ourselves. We need to change the words to change the thinking.” A quote by Michael Sullivan, from an article by Julia May, Sunday Age, 15 February 2015.

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News 7 July 2015

Sam, Hayden and Ben star in WallaraTV

On Monday, 13 July a new television show made by young people with disability at Dandenong based service provider Wallara will screen on Channel 31. It’s an exciting new way of sharing the stories of people with disability and for the people behind the new channel, it’s only the beginning. Every Australian Counts spoke to Wallara’s Digital Communications Manager, Jay Pinkster to find out more.

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News 6 July 2015

A massive week for NDIS

In the last week we have seen the roll out of the NDIS in western Sydney, an extension of the trial in WA and most other trial sites marking significant milestones. Best of all, more than 13,600 people are now in the Scheme and express high levels of satisfaction with how it is transforming their lives.

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Opinion 3 July 2015

Two year anniversary marks the dawn of reform

This week, two years ago we celebrated the dawn of a reform that finally provides opportunities to people with disability to be included in every part of community life. It was a day in which we as a nation made a statement that we would accept people with disability, Australians that we had so long ostracised and denied. On July 1 2013, the National Disability Insurance Scheme first came to life.

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News 1 July 2015

NDIS: Sydney says ‘bring it on!’

Today, the NDIS opened its doors in Western Sydney as NSW commenced the full rollout of the NDIS. Thousands of people came together to celebrate at the Every Australia Counts kick off event.

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Opinion 1 July 2015

Counting the cost

A while ago there was a study released about the costs of raising a child on the Spectrum, which placed the costs at around $35,000 a year. When you first hear that number, it seems like a lot. $35,000 could buy you a nice new car, maybe a luxury overseas holiday or just imagine the shoes!

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News 1 July 2015

Watch here as NDIS Kicks Off from 10.30 am today

The Every Australian Counts NDIS Kick Off event kicks off at 10.30am today and you can be part of the action by watching it live, commenting on the live streaming or jumping onto Twitter with #NDISkicksoff.

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News 29 June 2015

Have your say on who speaks up for you

The Government is updating the National Disability Advocacy Framework in light of the NDIS and want people with disability to help. But what is it all about?

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News 26 June 2015

Tools for making the most of the NDIS

A new online program has just been launched by the good folk at My Choice Matters which aims to give people with disability and their families all the tools they need to prepare for the changes coming under the NDIS.

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