Opinion 14 September 2016

NDIS. Personal growth, new opportunities

The NDIS rollout in Victoria has encouraged new enterprises – from sole traders to not-for-profit associations.

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Opinion 24 February 2016

All the world’s a stage for David

David Baker’s workforce participation has come from inspired teachers, personal helpers and mentors in the arts and Victorian TAFE theatre courses. Now he is getting ready to mentor others.

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Opinion 2 November 2015

Advocacy counts

Leah, 33, helps to advocate for others with an intellectual disability.

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Opinion 19 August 2015

Caring for the poet

Dylan Owen-Buoy has been challenged by autism since his kindergarten days but it hasn’t touched his soul.

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Opinion 11 May 2015

The dignity of Hayden’s risk

Hayden McLean can’t live with his family, and nor should he be expected to at 36 years of age. He needs his space for his various projects such as French knitting and drawing. He likes to be free and explore the world around him. Some have called this ‘absconding’. His mother calls it “accessing the community”.

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Opinion 3 February 2015

Ready for work but is work ready for me?

Fresh from participating in the Special Olympics Torch Run through Melbourne, Pippa Swanwick is gleeful about being interviewed on the Channel 7 news about her role in the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony.

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