News | 21 May 2015

Australian schools letting down our kids

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A national survey of parents of children with disability shows an education system in crisis.

Children With Disability Australia has released shocking statistics showing that one in four Australian children with disability is being refused enrolment in school.

The national survey found that children with disability face huge barriers to quality education. A staggering 68% of parents surveyed believe their children are not receiving enough support at school.

The survey found that one in four children with disability has been refused enrolment at some point and a further 17% were only offered part-time enrolment.

39% of parents said that children with disability are regularly excluded from school activities such as excursions and school discos, and even the playground at recess because the school did not have the resources to support the children’s participation alongside their peers.

When asked what could be done to improve the situation the top three responses were:

  • more funding and support;
  • better communication; and
  • teacher training and education.

You can listen to more about the survey.

And hear from children such as 11 year old twins Jake and Cooper, who are struggling because of a serious shortfall in school options.

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