Opinion 10 March 2022

Is your organisation returning to face-to-face meetings? You need to read this…

Lockdowns have lifted – and some disability organisations are moving back to face-to-face meetings, and interstate travel. The pandemic is not over. People with disability are still at risk of serious health complications and death – even with some protections from vaccines. And apart from that – we cannot now or ever forget the enormous gains mainstream society has made in online accessibility over the last couple of years. Our friend Dr George Taleporos has some important advice for these organisations based on his recent personal experience.

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Opinion 31 January 2017

My Daughter Is Not Special!

When I set out on the path of planning for my daughter’s migration to the NDIS I was determined that there would be nothing special about her supports, her equipment or her life.

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News 14 December 2016

NDIS co-design must include everyone

As the first six months of the NDIS nears, two separate reports have raised concerns that carers are falling through the cracks and providers are struggling to keep up demand.

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Research and Reports 20 October 2016

Locked out of work

This week’s ABS report on disability, ageing and carers reveals that there has been little to no improvement in labour force participation for people with disability or their carers in the last three years.

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News 6 August 2015

Ticket to work a ticket to life

An employment initiative for teenagers with disability is training a whole generation of baristas, chefs, gardeners, photographers, and designers… to name a few!

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News 3 August 2015

8 brilliant new accessibility inventions

Every wondered what smart glasses could look like or how you could make your computer entirely hands free?

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News 16 July 2015

Why are there still access issues at my train station?

A five-year review of the accessibility of Australia’s public transport networks found that 10 years after the first disability transport standards were first introduced, there’s still plenty more to do.

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News 21 May 2015

Australian schools letting down our kids

A national survey of parents of children with disability shows an education system in crisis.

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News 18 May 2015

Enjoying Sydney’s live music

Newly launched Gig Buddies is helping adults with learning disabilities and autism attend live music in venues across Sydney.

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In The Media 30 March 2015

Rob Pyne becomes the first quadriplegic elected to parliament in Australia

A far north Queensland man has become the first quadriplegic Member of Parliament anywhere in Australia. Rob Pyne was sworn into state parliament this week after winning the seat

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News 23 March 2015

Shoppers take note

It’s the everyday things that are sometimes the most challenging for mums, dads and carers of children with disability. Tasks like getting the weekly groceries can be that much harder when you’re trying to juggle a trolley and a wheelchair at the same time. The move by Coles to introduce new trolleys for kids with disability into many of its supermarkets will make this one everyday task a little easier.

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News 10 March 2015

Our iconic places set accessibility example

It’s great to see some of our cultural icons and natural places finally getting on board and taking accessibility more seriously. Here are two examples we’ve seen lately.

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News 25 February 2015

NSW confirms bi-partisan approach to NDIS

Bipartisan political support for the continuing roll out of the NDIS was strongly in evidence at the recent NSW conference of non-government support providers, National Disability Services.

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