News | 23 March 2015

Shoppers take note


Deb with her son Jayden using the additional needs trolley

It’s the everyday things that are sometimes the most challenging for mums, dads and carers of children with disability. Tasks like getting the weekly groceries can be that much harder when you’re trying to juggle a trolley and a wheelchair at the same time. The move by Coles to introduce new trolleys for kids with disability into many of its supermarkets will make this one everyday task a little easier.

“This new trolley means parents or carers who have children with a disability are able to place all their groceries in a trolley while also having their child seated safely,” said Coles spokesperson Andy Coleman.

The trolleys have a specially designed seat, which can carry up to 70kg, has padding on the sides and comes with a harness.

More than 370 Coles stores in Australia now have the trolleys and Coles has committed to providing the trolleys to any stores who request one on behalf of their customers.

This is a great initiative from Coles. Now they should actively roll them out to every store across the country rather than waiting for someone to ask for them. And other supermarket chains should follow suit.

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