News | 25 February 2015

NSW confirms bi-partisan approach to NDIS

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In the formal opening address to the 800 delegates attending the two day event. NSW Premier Mike Baird re-stated the NSW Government’s commitment to fully roll out the NDIS.  Premier Baird reminded delegates that NSW had been the first State to sign-up to the full NDIS Scheme in an agreement reached between former leaders Julia Gillard and Barry O’ Farrell.  Premier Baird assured delegates that the NSW Government he leads would see the job through beginning with the current discussions on the next stages of the NDIS roll out due to commence in little over a year.

Speaking to delegates on day two of the conference, the NSW Opposition Leader, Mr Luke Foley re-stated his party’s support for the NDIS.  Mr Foley also gave a broad outline of a five-point disability package he would introduce if elected to government in March. This would include an inquiry into disability abuse and funding for advocacy groups. Mr Foley also focused on disability employment and said that Labor would create a bipartisan expert panel co-Chaired by Graeme Innes, former Disability Discrimination Commissioner and Cain Beckett, head of the Disability Council.

Both the NSW Premier and the Opposition leader spoke with passion about their commitment to a more inclusive society for people with disability, family members and carers.  Both party leaders re-stated their commitment to the NDIS and a broadly bipartisan approach to disability policy in NSW.

The Every Australian Count campaign believes the NDIS only exists because of a bi-partisan approach to the scheme from all levels of government across Australia and it is great to have it reaffirmed in the NSW context by both Mike Baird and Luke Foley.