News 11 August 2020

Get your mask on!

There’s been a bunch of new info released over the last couple of months around masks and people with disability. We’ve popped it all in the one place so you don’t have to go hunting. (And we have done our best to try and explain what it all means which has NOT been easy…)

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News 25 January 2017

Roll with it: Katie’s story

Katie Bullen’s enthusiasm for the NDIS is infectious.

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Opinion 4 August 2016

Access NDIS

Today, the call came. After years of campaigning, seeing it germinate from a crazy new idea to a bi-partisan policy, biting fingernails over government changes, trials and then the roll out and waiting to transition.

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News 15 February 2016

NDIS: Makes Economic Sense

The NDIS will create thousands of jobs and add up to $7.3billion to NSW’s economy alone according to new report released today – results of the biggest ABS survey of people with disability and their carers ever undertaken.

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News 1 October 2015

Fare Cravin’ café’s a hit

A new café on the NSW Central Coast is proving that imagination, determination and an addictive organic latte are a winning combination.

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Opinion 24 September 2015

For some, the long cold wait is over

The signing of bilateral agreements this week between the Commonwealth and Australia’s largest states, Victoria and New South Wales, was a historic moment for people with disabilities and our families and carers. Not only was it a demonstration of how politicians can work together to achieve something good, but it also means that for at least 200,000 Australians, we finally have certainty about our lives and our futures.

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News 21 September 2015

A-Z of the NDIS roll outs in NSW and Victoria

The release of roll out plans for Victoria and NSW will give certainty to 245,000 people with disability, their families and carers who have been waiting for news of when the NDIS will come to them. We look in more detail at the roll out in both states.

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News 16 September 2015

“An emotional and proud day”: how our pollies marked the NDIS milestone

As one of his first acts as new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull released the NSW and Victorian roll out plans during a press conference today. If you missed it, here’s a taste of what he and the state Premiers had to say about this significant milestone.

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News 16 September 2015

NSW Minister message to EAC

The NSW Minister for Disability, John Ajaka, has filmed a special message for Every Australian Counts supporters to mark the release of the NSW roll out plans.

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In The Media 25 May 2015

Former NSW premier Nick Greiner says public housing is ‘crap’ and slams bureaucracy

Public housing in NSW is “crap” and the housing bureaucracy is “conservative in the worst sense of the word”, former Liberal Premier Nick Greiner says, claiming number-fiddling cannot disguise a dearth of new public housing.

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In The Media 24 March 2015

Premier Mike Baird has promised to roll out the NDIS a year early if his government is re-elected

The NDIS will be rolled out in western Sydney a year ahead of schedule, Premier Mike Baird announced today.

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News 25 February 2015

NSW confirms bi-partisan approach to NDIS

Bipartisan political support for the continuing roll out of the NDIS was strongly in evidence at the recent NSW conference of non-government support providers, National Disability Services.

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