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Way too many of you have gone through the extremely difficult process of fighting against cuts and changes to your NDIS plans at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). We know the system is broken. 

Now we have a new NDIS Minister – Bill Shorten, and a new Chief Counsel at the NDIA – Matt Swainson. Both have promised to fix it, and both have promised to listen to all of you.

We are designing a number of different ways for everyone to get involved – but this form right here is where we begin. 

To have your say about all things NDIS appeals, or to share your ideas about what changes should be made – use the form on this page to help the decision makers understand what’s important to you. 

You can fill it out as many times as you would like – like every time you have a new idea.

How we plan to use what you share with us

We will share your answers with the people who have the power to make changes (like the NDIS Minister and the NDIA). But we wont share details that reveal who you are – like your name or location or email address, etc.

We might also get some help from our friends from other groups who are trying to change things for the better (groups like DANA and PIAC for example). 

We’ll also use the things you say here to help us work out what other questions we need to get answers to, if we have any big gaps in the FAQ

Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences and fighting to make the NDIS better for everyone who needs it. 

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We take your privacy seriously. Read more on our collection statement.

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