Elected: Libby Coker, Labor

About this seat

Encompassing the regional areas around Geelong and the Surf Coast, Corangamite is a highly marginal seat currently held by Labor. The electorate was substantially reduced in 2018, slightly reducing the Labor margin.

Did you know that in the Corangamite electorate there are:

3662 people that are NDIS participants. 

2922 people have jobs that have been directly created as a result – Disability Support Workers, Physiotherapists, taxi drivers and so on.

1461 people have jobs that have been indirectly created as a result – for example, the cafes where Disability Support Workers have lunch, the petrol stations where the taxi drivers fill up and the physio equipment suppliers.

The NDIS also invests $409,338,360 into the local area, and that is just the conservative amount measured, it could really be anywhere up to $1,010,712,000. 

That’s a lot of reasons to #DefendOurNDIS in Corangamite! 

Election '22 candidates

Libby Coker
Stephanie Asher
Alex Marshall

Talking points/messaging

  • Support is being cut for many people with disability across Australia. Every day we hear a new story from someone who has had their NDIS funding slashed, without any explanation. This leaves them without the support they need to live their best lives.
  • This isn’t just about funding: it’s also about respecting and listening to people with disabilities.
  • People with disability, our families, and the people who support us are still struggling through the pandemic, and now we’re being forced to fight the system that was designed to make our lives easier.
  • The Federal Government now says the cost of the NDIS is blowing out – but they won’t release the basis of these claims.
  • Research conducted in 2021 found for every $1 spent on the NDIS, local communities benefited $2.25. That’s money straight into the pockets of local support workers, manufacturers and small businesses.
  • Australians with disability who rely on the scheme to visit family and friends, get support to work, or simply shower, eat and get into bed at the end of a long day – we cannot afford to live without the NDIS they fought so hard for.
Banner with National Day of Action, Tuesday April 28th with Defend Our NDIS shield

Day of Action - local events in this seat

Our National Day of Action on Thursday, April 28 is a time when everyone – whether you’re an individual or an organisation – is welcome to host your own events and activities (or join in on someone else’s) all across the country. Because together we are powerful!

Defend our NDIS over a zoom screenshot

Defend Our NDIS Big Night In

Catch up with people from all over the country online, to hear about what everyone got up to after our efforts on the National Day of Action. And help us all keep up the energy and come up with ideas to keep the pressure on our pollies this election.

Date: 28 April | Time: 7 pm - 9 pm (AEST)

Location: Online

Organisation/host: Every Australian Counts, Teamwork Works

More info or register

Email for more info or to register


Defend Early Childhood Intervention Through NDIS

Online meeting with the Team to reflect on the importance of NDIS for young children and families.

Date: 28th April | Time: 2.00


Organisation/host: EarlyEd

More info or register

Email for more info or to register


Heaps of Every Australian Counts supporters wearing red tshirts on the foreshore in Geelong

Geelong In Action: Defend Our NDIS!

Join us for the #DefendOurNDIS rally at Cunningham Pier in Geelong. No registration needed, all are welcome.

Date: 28 April | Time: 11:30 am (AEST)

Location: Cunningham Pier, 10 Western Foreshore Rd, Geelong, VIC 3200

Organisation/host: WDV Barwon Region

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Defend the NDIS: A Sort Your Support online forum

Sort Your Support is hosting a forum with people with disability and their supporters to discuss how the NDIS can be fixed. The NDIS should be something to be proud of, a rights based funding system to enable people with disability to live an ordinary life. The NDIS in its current form is not what was promised. Funding has been cut from plans, wait times are getting longer, and people are needing to fight NDIS lawyers to get the support they need. Something has to change.

Date: April 28 | Time: 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM AEST

Location: Online (Zoom)

Organisation/host: Sort Your Support

More info or register

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