Election ’22

Will your local politicians Defend Our NDIS?

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With a federal election on our doorstep, we need to know where our local candidates, MPs and senators stand on the vital issue of the NDIS. Will you ask your local candidate where they stand?

When it was first introduced, the NDIS was a game changer for people with disability. For the first time, people with disability had the chance to access the basic support they need to live their best lives.

But right now, the NDIS is at a crossroads. It’s not the scheme Australians fought hard for and deserve.

Instead of a scheme that puts people with disability first, we’re seeing:

– Plans being cut without reasonable explanation;

– The National Disability Insurance Agency paying external lawyers big bucks to fight against people with disability and families;

– People with disability no longer at the centre of the scheme.

This federal election is crucial in determining the future of our NDIS. Will you ask your local candidates if they will Defend Our NDIS?

Simply fill in your details in the form, find your local candidates, MPs and Senators, leave the template email as is or edit it to make it your own, and send them a message. The more messages they get, the greater chance they’ll realise that defending our NDIS is a vote changer for many Australians.

Calling your MPs and Senators is another effective way to make your voice heard. You can find all their phone numbers on this website.

Before you vote on May 21, find out what your local candidates have planned for the NDIS and you.

Defend our NDIS. Tell your politicians to #DefendOurNDIS this election. Every Australian Counts

Save this image and share online and help get the word out. The alt text could say “Defend our NDIS. Tell your politicians to #DefendOurNDIS this election. Every Australian Counts.” The link is https://everyaustraliancounts.com.au/election-2022/email-your-mp-or-candidate/

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