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News 23 March 2015

NDIS game changer

On the weekend the NSW Premier Mike Baird promised to roll out early intervention services under the NDIS for up to 2,000 young people with disability in Penrith and the Blue Mountains from September this year if he is re-elected. 

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News 23 March 2015

Shoppers take note

It’s the everyday things that are sometimes the most challenging for mums, dads and carers of children with disability. Tasks like getting the weekly groceries can be that much harder when you’re trying to juggle a trolley and a wheelchair at the same time. The move by Coles to introduce new trolleys for kids with disability into many of its supermarkets will make this one everyday task a little easier.

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News 20 March 2015

ACT NDIS live blog

With over 500 registered attendees, the ACT NDIS conference is set to be one of the largest, most comprehensive and practical events covering the NDIS held to date. Throughout the conference, we’ll be live blogging to bring you rolling coverage of all the latest news, views and discussion from on the ground.

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News 19 March 2015

Take Action: how do you want to live?

The NDIS is designed to give choice and control to people with disability. There are many and varied ways that people with disability will want to live and we have listed a few below.

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News 18 March 2015

The NDIA housing response decoder

Over the last few weeks thousands of our supporters emailed the National Disability Insurance Agency and asked them to release the plan for housing under the NDIS. 

The response from the Agency on this vital issue was disappointing, bureaucratic and hard to read.  We thought we’d have a go at de-coding it for you because on the question of housing, people with disability and the NDIS, we need it to be crystal-clear. 

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News 10 March 2015

Our iconic places set accessibility example

It’s great to see some of our cultural icons and natural places finally getting on board and taking accessibility more seriously. Here are two examples we’ve seen lately.

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News 5 March 2015

You’ve just got to give it a go

Willow’s mum Janelle wasn’t sure her daughter would be eligible for the NDIS. She decided to give it a go, applied to the Scheme, and now the family is seeing real benefits.

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News 3 March 2015

Click here for your chance to make a better life

We all want the NDIS to succeed. Thousands of lives are already being improved at the trial sites, and we know eventually the NDIS will make a huge difference for nearly half a million Australians. But to ensure the NDIS works well for everybody, we need people to feel safe and confident using it.

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News 26 February 2015

NDIS: on budget

The latest quarterly report from the National Disability Insurance Agency is out and it shows growing numbers of people are benefiting from the NDIS.

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News 25 February 2015

Changes proposed for disability support payments to encourage people into work.

In 2013 the Federal Government commissioned a review of Australia’s welfare sector and the final report was released today.

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News 25 February 2015

NSW confirms bi-partisan approach to NDIS

Bipartisan political support for the continuing roll out of the NDIS was strongly in evidence at the recent NSW conference of non-government support providers, National Disability Services.

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News 23 February 2015

She’ll be right says COAG but housing crisis remains

If the communiqué released this week from meeting of the COAG Disability Reform Council is anything to go by, Australia is all systems go for the NDIS.  But the supply of affordable and liveable housing remains a key question.

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News 20 February 2015

Home Sweet Home: the housing crisis for people with disability.

Home, sweet home. Three simple words that say so much about our happiness, our dreams and goals in life.

Many Australians take those words for granted. But some people, including people with disabilities, may never be able to utter those three simple words, and all because of a lack of suitable housing.

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News 19 February 2015

Housing: the big sleeper

Anyone with a disability will tell you that finding affordable, accessible housing is next to impossible. There are huge wait lists, too many young people in nursing homes and growing numbers of older parents despairing what will happen to their children when they can’t care for them anymore.

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News 18 February 2015

Expanding my horizon

It’s taking Stephen a while to get his head around being able to do things now that previously would have been impossible without the NDIS.

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News 11 February 2015

RecruitAbility? Just give us a job!

The Australian Public Service has launched a new scheme, RecruitAbility in an effort to raise the woefully low number of people with a disability they employ.

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News 6 February 2015

NDIS Step 1: Think and Prepare

The NDIS is coming. Admittedly not fast enough for many of us but the fact that it will be rolled out across Australia in the next few years means now is a good time to start thinking about how to prepare.

Every Australian Counts has talked to lots of people in the trial sites and asked them what they think people with disability need to do to get ready for the NDIS.

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News 30 January 2015

Up, up and away with fairer service

Thanks to some great work by the Public Interest Advocacy Group and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW, people with a disability flying with a carer can now access discount online fares with Virgin Australia.

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News 28 January 2015

Disability support and the NDIS: why doing nothing isn’t an option

Recently there have been some murmurings in the media, questioning the cost of the NDIS and where Australia will find the money to pay for it. Yet what is often missed in the budget debate is the cost to Australia of NOT introducing the NDIS.

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News 22 January 2015

Life’s never been better really

Siobhan is 14 years old. She loves music, boccia and Facebook and her life has been transformed by the NDIS.

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