News | 9 November 2014

Inclusive Playgrounds: Everyone’s a player

Yamble reserve in Sydney. An inclusive playground.

Play is not just for fun. It’s also for learning, problem solving, motor skills and socialising. But it’s also fun just to play!

With screen based activities on the rise, children are finding fewer reasons and opportunities to get outside and play.

Public playgrounds offer these opportunities but often the structure, layout and location of playgrounds mean children with disabilities see more problems than possibilities.

Now enter the amazing world of inclusive playgrounds, play spaces that aim to be as accessible as possible for all kids.

An inclusive playground looks like just any other play space but the separated spaces, the sensory areas, the shade and the accessibility make it a play mecca for kids with disabilities.

Livy's place, accessible playground in five dock Sydney.


A Livvi’s Place, an inclusive playground in Five Dock, Sydney the whole playground was designed to help autistic kids manage anxiety.

But the numbers along the snake pathway and the countdown screen on the motorised carousel just look like colourful fun rather than anxiety management tools.

Inclusive playgrounds are not just about the equipment, just as they are not just about children with disabilities. It’s also what s around them that adds to their accessibility.

If a playground is near car parking, bike paths or skate area; has a BBQ area, seats and tables, shade and toilets nearby then it works for everyone in the family.

When children of all abilities being able to play together,the curiosity of disability is dampened and all children can feel more confident and comfortable.

Inclusive playgrounds are dotted all around the country – check out your nearest inclusive playground.

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