News | 18 December 2013

NDIS is investment in Australians

The Every Australian Counts campaign for the NDIS welcomes the statement from Minister Fifield this afternoon that: “The Coalition is committed to delivering the National Disability Insurance Scheme in full.”

John Della Bosca, Every Australian Counts Campaign Director, said: “We can all assume that every Australian expects the NDIS to run efficiently and at the lowest cost to taxpayers. Every Australian also expects our parliament to deliver the NDIS in full as promised.

“We are focussed on outcomes for people with disability. Members of Parliament, both Coalition and Labor committed to a scheme that will provide people with disability the support they need when they need it.

“It is this promise that we expect our Parliament to keep. It would be a disaster for every Australian if supports were capped and the funding for vital equipment was reduced. This would undermine the core principles behind the NDIS.

“We know we have strong advocates in Prime Minister Abbott and Minister Fifield as well in Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Shadow Minister Macklin. They have proven their passion about improving the lives of people with disability and their families.

“Today in every corner of Australia people with disability are blocked from contributing to Australia’s economy because our disability systems do not provide supports they need.

“By providing the reasonable and necessary supports and services that people with disability need to live, work and contribute to society, the NDIS will be the bridge to escape the disability-poverty trap that forces people onto welfare against their will.

Mr Della Bosca concluded: “The flow-on effect throughout the community should not be underestimated. Supporting Australians with disability will free an estimated 80,000 family carers to also enter paid employment, instead of giving up their jobs and earning capacity to provide life-long disability support.

“And with approximately 120,000 new disability workers required over the next five years the NDIS will generate the benefits of productive employment to the nation.”

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