News | 9 July 2014

Community rejects delay to NDIS

The media is reporting that National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Chairman Bruce Bonyhady will use today’s Press Club speech to justify a delay to the NDIS roll out.

The disability community has categorically rejected the suggestion that a delay is needed. In an online poll for the Every Australian Counts campaign conducted over the last 9 days, 75% of respondents want no delay to the NDIS roll out.

Bruce Bonyhady has been a key supporter of the NDIS and has played a major role in the Every Australian Counts campaign. However any recommendation of a delay to the NDIS is out of touch with the views and expectations of the broader community.

Every Australian Counts campaign director John Della Bosca said:

“Rolling out the NDIS is a big job, but it’s hardly sending someone to the moon and it should not take a decade to deliver.

“The starting point for any conversation about the NDIS has to be focussed on the real crisis. People with disability are currently denied access to participate in our community and economy. They are treated as second class citizens. The NDIS aims to address this national injustice.

“A delay in rolling out the NDIS means many Australians with disability and their families will struggle without the supports they desperately need.”

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