News | 29 March 2014

Groundhog day – NDIS costs old news


Every Australian Counts Campaign Director, John Della Bosca, said: “Today’s report is old news; I remember addressing the media on these exact figures in November last year.

“So far we have had just two quarterly reports on the cost of supports under the NDIS. Despite the alarmist headlines, costs have significantly reduced over this period not blown out.

“In late December, the Government’s own independent audit of the scheme issued a warning against making cost projections on the actual cost of the NDIS from such early figures. I hope this evidence is not being ignored.”

Today’s report refers to the costs of individual packages under the NDIS previously announced in Assistant Minister for Social Services, Mitch Fifield’s speech to the National Press Club speech on 20 November 2013.

On 31 December 2013, the independently audited ‘Quarterly Report to Disability Reform Council’ found that it was too early to make projections on the actual cost of the NDIS.

John Della Bosca continued: “People with disability have been losing out on services for too long. They are too used to being let down by all sides of politics. They have waited long enough for a fair go and they should not have to wait any longer.

“The data I have seen shows that average package values are a poor indicator of overall cost. There are people receiving higher than average packages and others receiving well below the average.

“Some of the trial sites have started supporting people with the highest needs first. This naturally means that the early costs will be higher and will average out over time.

“There will continue to be challenges as the NDIS is implemented, but I’m confident that we can meet these challenges head-on. We need an efficient and effective NDIS that can work within its existing budget.”

Mr Della Bosca concluded: “The Prime Minister has promised to rollout the NDIS in full. Every Australian Counts is not calling for extra funding. We are simply asking that the Parliament deliver on the long term funding envelope and timeline already promised.”

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