Opinion 10 March 2022

Is your organisation returning to face-to-face meetings? You need to read this…

Lockdowns have lifted – and some disability organisations are moving back to face-to-face meetings, and interstate travel. The pandemic is not over. People with disability are still at risk of serious health complications and death – even with some protections from vaccines. And apart from that – we cannot now or ever forget the enormous gains mainstream society has made in online accessibility over the last couple of years. Our friend Dr George Taleporos has some important advice for these organisations based on his recent personal experience.

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News 14 December 2016

NDIS co-design must include everyone

As the first six months of the NDIS nears, two separate reports have raised concerns that carers are falling through the cracks and providers are struggling to keep up demand.

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Research and Reports 12 December 2016

Carers: Doing it Tough, Doing it Well

Anglicare’s report Carers: Doing it Tough, Doing it Well outlines how cares are faring under the NDIS and makes recommendations to ensure carers don’t slip through the cracks as the scheme rolls out more widely.

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Research and Reports 20 October 2016

Locked out of work

This week’s ABS report on disability, ageing and carers reveals that there has been little to no improvement in labour force participation for people with disability or their carers in the last three years.

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News 11 October 2016

Awarding innovation

Nominations are now open for the 2017 NSW Disability Industry Innovation Awards. The awards are about recognising innovation displayed by people and organisations making a difference to the lives of people with disability, their families and carers.

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News 8 October 2016

Carers Count! #Carers2016

Australian’s 2.8 million unpaid carers provide an estimated 1.9 billion hours of care a year. In the lead up to National Carers Week (October 16-22), we asked Carers Australia CEO, Ara Cresswell why carers count.

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News 13 January 2016

Online support and hotline for Carers

A new one-stop shop is up and running for Australia’s 2.7 million carers.

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News 15 October 2015

2015 Carers Week: EAC says thank you carers!

There are 2.86 million unpaid carers in Australia, who will provide an estimated $60.3 billion of care in 2015. This National Carers Week (October 11-17) we talk to Carers Australia CEO, Ara Cresswell, about how carers fare as the NDIS begins to roll out.

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News 14 May 2015

Budget 2015: more support for carers

There are 2.7 million Australians providing care for one or more family members or friends, including people with disability – navigating their way through what can be a confusing and time consuming labyrinth of government departments.

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