News 17 January 2017

New NDIS sites from 1 Jan

The NDIS roll out is continuing in 2017, with four new regions across the country and two new age groups in South Australia and Tasmania entering the NDIS from 1 January.

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News 22 September 2016

Toilet talk

Simple things can sometimes make a huge difference. A national campaign is calling for improvements to accessible toilets in our public places and local communities.

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Opinion 14 September 2016

NDIS. Personal growth, new opportunities

The NDIS rollout in Victoria has encouraged new enterprises – from sole traders to not-for-profit associations.

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News 21 September 2015

A-Z of the NDIS roll outs in NSW and Victoria

The release of roll out plans for Victoria and NSW will give certainty to 245,000 people with disability, their families and carers who have been waiting for news of when the NDIS will come to them. We look in more detail at the roll out in both states.

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News 16 September 2015

“An emotional and proud day”: how our pollies marked the NDIS milestone

As one of his first acts as new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull released the NSW and Victorian roll out plans during a press conference today. If you missed it, here’s a taste of what he and the state Premiers had to say about this significant milestone.

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