News 29 October 2021

Vaccinating people with disability against COVID-19

People with disability are at much bigger risk of getting very sick or dying from COVID-19. But getting a vaccine has been really hard for lots of people in our community, and vaccination rates are still too low. So we have been asking people with disability, families and the people who support them to tell us about their vaccine experiences, so we can tell the government what they can do to make it easier. Here’s what we have heard so far…

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News 19 August 2020

“Left out and locked down” The experiences of people with disability and their families during COVID19

“We’ve been forgotten. We need more help. We need things to be easier”. They are the overwhelming messages to come out of our Coronavirus survey for people with disability and families.

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News 19 August 2020

Media release: “Left out and locked down” report highlights the COVID-19 experience of people with disability

A new report into the experiences of NDIS participants and their families during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic shows many were stretched to breaking point and let down by poor communication and a lack of support and help.

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News 29 July 2020

Get out your butcher’s paper and sticky notes – it’s consultation time!

Who remembers this?

The National Disability Strategy was a ten-year plan that came out in 2010.

It was the first time all levels of Australian governments had come together to make a plan like this for ALL people with disability, ALL over Australia.

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Opinion 20 April 2020

Disability, health and the coronavirus: Why action is urgently needed

We all have stories to share about when the medical system has let us down. But people with disabilities have more than the average person.

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News 3 April 2020

A Letter to the Prime Minister and all the Premiers

People with disability are some of the most vulnerable people in Australia when it comes to Coronavirus (COVID19). We want to make sure they have everything they need to keep themselves safe and well.

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News 19 March 2020

Joint media release: Urgent measures needed to support people with disability during COVID-19 crisis

People with disability from across Australia are calling for urgent action to make sure we are included in preparations for the current public health emergency.

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News 6 March 2020

Information for NDIS participants and families about the Coronavirus

We’re bringing together all of the information we have as it comes out for people with disability and families about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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News 2 July 2019

Health vs Disability – the good news for NDIS participants

Some good news late last week for all those sick of the argy bargy between the NDIS and health over who should pay for what.

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