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Changes to NDIS planning, access and the way your NDIS plan is funded are all about to change with the introduction of NDIS compulsory assessments.

These tick-a-box assessments will determine who gets support from the NDIS – and how much support they get.

These assessments are the biggest change to the NDIS since the scheme began. And they are being rushed in despite the concerns of people with disability and their families.

We know that you’ve been really worried about these changes – but right now, we have an enormous opportunity to stop them from being rolled out!

We have a brand new Minister for the NDIS, Linda Reynolds.

The previous Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert was pushing for these changes to be introduced. But Minister Reynolds is completely new to the portfolio, which means we have the chance to shape the way she thinks about compulsory assessments.

To make a serious impact on Minister Reynolds we have launched this new campaign called “Hands off our NDIS” – and we want you to be part of it!

We’re looking for photos of Every Australian Counts supporters doing the “Hands off our NDIS” action. We’ll then use these photos for campaign material – on things like social media and this website!

Will you send us a photo of yourself doing the “Hands Off” action like the examples below? Just use the easy form on this page to send your photo to us.

Four photos showing five different people. They all have a serious expression, and are holding one hand up towards the camera as if to motion "stop".

Is using your hand like that tricky? Please don’t be discouraged – the “Hands off our NDIS” concept above is just one idea. We want everyone in our wonderful diverse community to get involved in whatever way works best – as unique individuals with individual styles. We can’t wait to see your ideas.

If you have any questions or concerns please email with “Photos” in the subject line.

📌 Just a small but important reminder – your photo/s will be public. Once we post them online they could be viewable by anyone. It is possible the media may even share them too. So please have a good think first about whether or not you are comfortable with anyone or everyone seeing your photo. And if you are a family member, please consider carefully your family member’s privacy and how comfortable they may be having their image available publicly. And don’t forget to double-check the photo for things in the background  – just in case there is something private being shown! Thank you.

Want to do more?

We take your privacy seriously. Read more on our collection statement.

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