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We’ve heard all your concerns about the introduction of compulsory assessments to the NDIS.

Now it’s time for all the MPs in Canberra to hear them too.

It’s also time to let the folks at the National Disability Insurance Agency EXACTLY what you think of these new assessments.

The information released by the NDIA makes very clear they are giving up on the vision of an individualised NDIS.

No more individualised planning – this new tick-a-box assessment process will determine your plan and your funding.

The NDIA are now holding a formal consultation process about these new assessments. But the NDIA have also made very clear that the consultation is not about if this should go ahead – that’s a given. The consultation is about how it should go ahead. As a result the questions they are asking are pretty limited.

But … we are not the NDIA. We think this issue is too important to be limited to a small number of set questions. So please share with us ALL of your concerns – and we promise to make sure the NDIA hears them all.

So what can we do?

If you don’t think this process will work for you (or your family member) there is NO time to waste. NOW is the time to have your say.

Make sure the people making these decisions hear from you.

Fill in the form on this page.

We will then bundle all your stories and feedback and send them through to the NDIA.

We will also prepare a report which we will send to every single Federal MP and Senator.

You can also tell your story directly to the NDIA. You can find out how to do that on the NDIS website.

📌 Just a small but important reminder – your story could be published on our website or social media. It could also be seen in the report we share with MPs or the NDIA. We will use your first name only, but just remember people may be able to identify you through other details. So please only share details that you are happy to be made public. And if you are a family member please carefully consider what you share and protect the privacy of your family member. Thank you.

Want to do more?

Read the NDIS papers

The NDIA have released three consultation papers about these new assessments:


Send us an email via

Share your concerns

We take your privacy seriously. Read more on our collection statement.

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