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Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert wants to introduce compulsory assessments for all new and existing NDIS participants from next year.

These tick-a-box assessments will determine who gets support – and how much support they get.

So many people with disability and their families are worried about what this will mean for them.

But it is not too late to do something about it. NOW is the time to speak out and take action.

So what can you do?

Contact your local MP

The government is planning to change the NDIS Act to make these assessments compulsory for all new and existing NDIS participants.

The legislation will hit the Parliament very soon.

So we need every single Member of Parliament to hear from people with disability and their families about why they are so concerned.

And stop it before it goes any further.

What you can do

1. Share your concerns with the NDIA and all of our MPs 

2. Email your MP

3. Visit your MP – in a COVID safe way

4. Email the Minister for the NDIS


We know how much everyone has on their plate at the moment because of COVID19. So we have done as much of the work for you as we can.

We have all the details of all the Federal MPs and emails and letters all ready to go.

These changes will be introduced next year. So NOW is the time to take action and speak out.

This is our NDIS. We fought for it. And we won’t stop fighting until it works the way it should.


NDIS assessment explainers

We’re breaking down all of the big announcements and changes from the government and NDIA as they come out. Check out all our NDIS assessment explainers in News.


Guide to meeting with your MP

Five easy steps to meeting your MP

PDF – 8 pages, 2MB

Text only Word doc – 4 pages, 21kb

NDIS assessments explained

A cheat sheet about NDIS assessments.

You can leave this behind with your MP.

PDF – 6 pages, 700kb

Text only Word doc – 3 pages, 18kb

List of MPs

The Parliament website has a list of every MP with their contact details. You can download the list as a PDF or HTML.

Get your MPs details from the Parliament website

Take action now!


NDIA announce compulsory assessment contractors three days after closing submissions

More breaking news from the NDIS this morning…

This time about the new compulsory assessments.

The NDIA have just announced the organisations who have been contracted to carry out the assessments when they start later in the year.

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Last minute backflip from NDIS on Support Coordination

Breaking news out of the NDIS this morning …

And it is not good. Not good at all.

Buried in an announcement about the end of some of the changes made to the NDIS as a result of the COVID19 is the news that participants will NO longer be able to buy or top up Support Coordination out of their core budget.

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The politics of distraction…

We’ve all been worried for a while now about what changes were going to be made this year to the legislation that governs the NDIS.

Well yesterday the Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert gave an interview on talkback radio in Sydney – and let slip some of what he has planned.

And in the process pretty much confirmed what we were all so worried about.

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