Research and Reports | 25 January 2017

PC review of disability services

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PC report cover

The report is part of the 22nd annual snapshot of all government services produced by the Commission.

“In an environment where fact and data are increasingly optional extras in policy development, the Report remains a stand-out example of using comparative data to encourage jurisdictions to learn from each other about what works and why.” said Peter Harris, Chairman of the Productivity Commission.

The review found that in 2015-16, total government expenditure on specialist disability services was $8.4 billion — a real increase of 2.3 per cent from 2014-15.

Of all specialist disability funding in 2015‑16, 71.1 per cent came from State and Territory governments and 28.9 per cent came from the Australian Government.

You can read the report here or a summary on the Commission’s website here.