Leo’s tip the balance story

A young man with light curly hair, a big smile, and white zinc on his face standing on a beach on a sunny day.

Our son Leo was diagnosed with an intellectual disability, when he was just ten months old. From that moment, until we received our first NDIS plan in late 2017, we received minimal public support. This was despite the fact that Leo’s disability means he requires 24/7 one-on-one care. He also needs speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy to support his development and make sure he reaches his potential. 

By the time the NDIS came along, Leo was about to start high school. We were also at the end of our resources – both emotional and financial. While learning the ropes of this very complicated system has not been easy, it has made an incredible difference to his life. Now, with the support of his support workers, and therapies funded by the NDIS, Leo is making great strides in his development, and taking every opportunity to make his own important contribution. 

It gives us so much joy to see him reaching his potential. As a family we are doing things that were out of reach for us before, like attending social events, and going out to eat, and even – with the help of the wonderful volunteers at Disabled Winter Sports Australia – going on a skiing holiday. Thanks to the NDIS, we are looking forward to the future. 

Two young men sharing a tandem bicycle with bags on the back, in a tropical front yard