Julie’s tip the balance story

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I have had MS since 2005 and had to take a redundancy from DHS in July 2019 due to deterioration of MS.
My claim for home modifications was finally submitted in December 2019 after spending months trying to find builders who are able to do NDIA home modifications. The main problem was that NDIA were taking at least 6 months to pay the builders after the job was completed, so the builders decided not to take on any new NDIA client home modifications for the NDIA.

No one in NDIA appears to be able to give me any idea of how long before approval for my home modifications will take. I am desperately needing the home modifications done and no one in NDIS appears to care what happens to me in the meantime.
My home modifications are urgent, the shower in particular as there is a very real risk every day of me having a serious fall in the bathroom.

The NDIA are supposed to be there to help many vulnerable clients who through no choice of their own desperately need this assistance.
I get extremely frustrated when I hear that “NDIA has not spent the funding they have available”.
From personal experience I know that they are taking months to assess these claims and then much longer in before actually releasing the funds to their clients.