News 3 August 2020

Advocacy groups call for better support for people with disability

Disability advocacy groups are calling on the National Disability Insurance Agency, the Federal government and the Victorian State government to all work together to make sure people with disability and their families have what they need to stay safe and well during the coronavirus pandemic.

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News 2 August 2020

New Coronavirus rules for Victoria

The Victorian government has just announced new coronavirus rules for everyone in Victoria. Metro Melbourne has moved to Stage 4 restrictions, and rural areas are moving to Stage 3. Here’s what is changing…

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News 29 July 2020

Get your mask on!

There’s been a bunch of new info released over the last couple of weeks around masks and people with disability. We’ve popped it all in the one place so you don’t have to go hunting. (And we have done our best to try and explain what it all means which has NOT been easy…)

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News 13 July 2020

Big coronavirus changes – and what it means for Victorians

For all our Melbourne peeps, our hearts go out to you. Another six weeks in lockdown. And we are with you – because that is where we are based too.

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News 7 March 2016

NDIS dollars make sense for Victoria

The NDIS will not only transform lives for people with disability but it will also deliver an economic boost for all Victorians – creating thousands of jobs and adding billions to the state’s economy.

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Research and Reports 7 March 2016

Economic Benefits of the NDIS in Victoria

National Disability Services and Every Australian Counts have released a paper showing the potential scale of the economic benefits the NDIS will bring to Victoria.

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Opinion 24 September 2015

For some, the long cold wait is over

The signing of bilateral agreements this week between the Commonwealth and Australia’s largest states, Victoria and New South Wales, was a historic moment for people with disabilities and our families and carers. Not only was it a demonstration of how politicians can work together to achieve something good, but it also means that for at least 200,000 Australians, we finally have certainty about our lives and our futures.

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News 16 September 2015

Victorian Minister message to EAC

As the Victorian NDIS roll out plan is released, the Victorian Minister for Disability, Martin Foley, sends a video message to people with disability and their families in Victoria.

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