News 8 November 2022

Are the NDIA and their external lawyers being ‘model litigants’? Are they on their best behaviour with you at the AAT?

If people with disability don’t get what they need from the NDIS they might have to take their case against the NDIA to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The NDIA and their external lawyers are meant to follow ‘model litigant obligations’ – which are rules about being really decent and fair. If they don’t, there can be a big power imbalance, which is really unfair for people with disability. We want the NDIA to act like model litigants each and every time – but we need your help to make sure it really happens…

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Opinion 10 February 2021

Time to make all new housing more accessible

There is a once-in-a-generation opportunity right now to improve housing accessibility, for everyone. We asked our friend Dr Di Winkler from the Summer Foundation, and the Building Better Homes campaign to explain it all for us.

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News 29 October 2020

Putting NDIS assessments to the test

More information about the introduction of compulsory assessments for all new and existing NDIS participants has been released over the last few weeks.

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Opinion 22 August 2020

Pandemic experience shows the NDIS is still not working like it should

“Please stop making this so hard. We are bruised and fragile already, COVID has made us even more vulnerable, and then we have to fight against the very service that is meant to be helping us. Please stop making our needs a battleground, stop assuming we are somehow trying to swindle services we don’t need, and just let us have the NDIS that we were meant to get.”

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News 20 August 2020

Every Australian Counts heads to the Disability Royal Commission

“We feel forgotten. We need help. And we need things to be much, much easier”.

They were the messages we took to the Disability Royal Commission yesterday.

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News 19 August 2020

“Left out and locked down” The experiences of people with disability and their families during COVID19

“We’ve been forgotten. We need more help. We need things to be easier”. They are the overwhelming messages to come out of our Coronavirus survey for people with disability and families.

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News 19 August 2020

Media release: “Left out and locked down” report highlights the COVID-19 experience of people with disability

A new report into the experiences of NDIS participants and their families during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic shows many were stretched to breaking point and let down by poor communication and a lack of support and help.

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News 30 April 2020

NDIS: What’s working and what’s not? We want to hear from you

The National Disability Insurance Agency have introduced lots of changes in the last few weeks to try and help people with disability and their families get through this difficult period. We want to know what’s working and what’s not – and what still needs to change.

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News 30 April 2018

Australians want certainty for the NDIS

Everyone wants certainty on funding for the NDIS.

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Research and Reports 14 December 2016

New stats show barriers still exist

The latest ABS statistics on disability in Australia identify discrimination, low workforce participation and low incomes as major barriers preventing people with disability from living full and happy lives.

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News 15 November 2016

Have your say on the NDIS…

Since the full roll out of the NDIS began on July 1 people have shared some great experiences with us– and there have been some issues for others.

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News 9 December 2015

Results are in: what you want in 2016

We asked you about your priorities for the Every Australian Counts campaign as we plan ahead for next year. The results are in.

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