News 25 March 2020

Big NDIS changes to help participants through the Coronavirus

The NDIA are making changes to their system next weekend to make sure NDIS participants and their families have what they need to manage the impact of the Coronavirus.

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News 27 February 2020

Transport and the NDIS. It’s as clear as … mud

A couple of weeks ago the Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert announced the NDIA were making some changes to transport funding. In a move widely celebrated as “thank god at last” the Minister announced participants would now be able to use some of their core funding to pay for transport.

The NDIA said the changes would begin on March 1 and that a new price guide would be released “shortly”.

Sounds good right? Weeelllll ….

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News 28 June 2019

Putting a price tag on good information

Last week the new Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert and the National Disability Insurance Agency released a number of changes to the NDIS price guide.

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