News 4 November 2015

Uber – the facts

Last week car booking service Uber said it had chalked up 1 million rides in Australia. Not everyone’s an Uber fan, but there is no question it has the potential to create much needed job opportunities for people with disability.

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Opinion 8 July 2015

We are worth the investment

“I say the ‘I’ in NDIS should stand for ‘investment’. We are worth the investment. To move forward we need people to believe in us, to back us up, and create opportunities. When people have confidence in us then we start to believe in ourselves. We need to change the words to change the thinking.” A quote by Michael Sullivan, from an article by Julia May, Sunday Age, 15 February 2015.

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In The Media 20 April 2015

Push to vet disability workers

People applying for jobs in the disability sector would have to pass pre-employment checks under proposed new laws to protect people with disabilities from abuse and neglect.

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