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The big new NDIS Review was announced in October.

What’s the deal? What’s it all about? Who’s involved? What can they do? What do they think is important? Will they look at all of our previous submissions so we don’t have to say everything again?! (And yes, we’ve heard them promised to do exactly that a few times now, phew!)

As soon as we knew we’d have the chance to host a live webinar with them, we asked you to send in your questions.

We took them (and hundreds of you, online) with us to Canberra to talk to the Minister, and Bruce, Lisa, Dougie and Kirsten from the NDIS Review panel right away.

Did you miss it? You can watch or listen to the whole thing below (or read the transcript over here).

But we know it’s not just questions you have for them – you have plenty of really important and helpful things to say – about what you believe will get our NDIS back on track and working really well for everyone who needs it.

So, how can you get their attention?

There are a couple of ways, and more in the works.

đŸ‘‰ You can find all the latest, including contact forms, on the NDIS Review website.

đŸ‘‰ Or, if you’d prefer to share your messages with us to pass along for you – you can use the form on this page to share your questions or ideas or messages for the review team.

We’ll update this page with new info from time to time, and put more up on our News section – but if you want to be first to find out sign up for emails and we’ll share the latest with you from time to time.

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