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People with disability all over Australia are losing access to essential supports, and wasting precious time and energy fighting the system that exists to support them.

The National Disability Insurance Agency are telling everyone they are not cutting plans.

But that’s not what the data tells us. And more importantly – that’s not what we have all been hearing from so many of you.

The Federal Government have been running a scare campaign ever since it was revealed that NDIS independent assessments were an attempted cost-cutting measure.

And while all of you fought incredibly hard to stop independent assessments – none of you believe that was the end of the story.

People with disability are telling us their NDIS funding is being slashed. 

The number of people fighting to get their NDIS supports back via the long and tough Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) process has increased by more than 300% recently.

Meanwhile, the NDIA is spending record millions on external private lawyers to fight the people they are meant to serve.

And despite all of this – demand for support from independent disability advocacy services is greater than ever – but they don’t get enough funding to help everyone who needs it.

Advocates are stretched to the limits – closing their waiting lists, and being forced to leave people with disability in desperate need of support behind.

All of this means people with disability and families are going up against the NDIA’s intimidating private lawyers at the AAT, with little or no support. And even more people with disability are not going through the review and appeals processes at all.

It’s all just too much.

This is not the NDIS we fought for.

But together we can fight this.

When we all speak up together, we are a strong and powerful community. We came together to fight for the NDIS. An NDIS based on good, strong principles.

But those principles are being ignored, just like the people the NDIS is meant to support.

We won’t stop fighting until we get the NDIS back on track, working well for everyone who needs it.

With all of us working together, we cannot be ignored. 

Take action here.

Take action

Your actions make a real difference.

1. Sign the open letter

We will add your names and deliver it to Parliament.

Sign the open letter

2. Share your NDIS cuts and appeals stories

The NDIA keep saying that there are no cuts. And the AAT cases are no big deal. But we want to hear it ourselves - directly from you.

Tell us what happened to you

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