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We received hundreds of phone calls, videos, written submissions, and even photos from people with disability and families from all over Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to share your frustrations with the NDIS, and your ideas for how to make it work. We’re passing every single one of them along to David Tune and the review team.

Find out what everyone said here.

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You may have seen the announcement a little while ago that the government has appointed Mr David Tune to conduct a review into the NDIS Act and Rules.

Let’s face it, there have been so many reviews into the NDIS over the past 12 months it’s all been a bit confusing and exhausting.

But this review is the most important one yet. We can’t let this opportunity go by.

It’s an independent review, which means the government won’t be able to ignore it’s recommendations. And regardless of whether we have our say or not, the government has promised the legislation WILL change next year.

That’s why this one is the important one. That’s why we need to be crystal clear about what changes we do – and don’t – want to see.

We have already spoken to Mr Tune who told us he wants to hear from as many people as possible.

But we know how tired, stressed and just over it all we all are.

So we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved.

So, you can leave us a message, send a video or shoot us a quick email and we’ll make sure the review team gets all your messages.

Or you can take part in the formal consultation run by the Department of Social Services.

This is our chance to help make it work.

Let’s make the most of it!


Want us to pass along your message?

1. Leave a message on our answering machine

Call 02 9060 6209 and leave a message in your own words about what’s working or what you would really like to see fixed with the NDIS.

Messages can be up to 2 minutes long.

2. Send us a video

We know leaving a message isn’t for everyone. If you would prefer you can record a video and send it to us – nothing fancy, just using a computer or a smartphone will be fine. Whatever is easiest. Please use the form on this page to upload or send through to

3. Drop us an email

Use the form on this page to write us a message and we will include it with all the others

We will not share your personal details with anyone

Some university researchers may also help us compile all your stories and analysis the most common themes.


Or would you like to give the government your message directly?

4. Attend a community workshop

The review is holding community workshops in each state and territory around Australia during September and October.

Targeted workshops for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are being held around the country in October.

5. Complete the review’s Participant Experience Survey

The survey is available in a wide range of formats and languages – including Easy Read, Auslan, and in 13 languages other than English.

6. Write to the government

The government are also accepting written submissions.



Minister Announces review of NDIS Act – Every Australian Counts

Review of the NDIS Act and the new NDIS Participant Service Guarantee – Department of Social Services


Have your say on changes to the NDIS

We take your privacy seriously. Read more on our collection statement.

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