In The Media | 14 February 2017

NDIS: Paralympian Kurt Fearnley slams Government for using scheme as ‘political football’

Five-time Paralympian Kurt Fearnley has accused the Government of using the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a “political football”, criticising the decision to fund it through cuts to other social services.

On Monday, Treasurer Scott Morrison announced the Government would redirect $3 billion to the NDIS if the Senate crossbench supported the omnibus saving measures — which includes changes to paid parental leave and welfare.

Fearnley, a former member of the NDIS advisory council, criticised the Government for taking funding from services that benefit vulnerable members of the community as opposed to re-evaluating its negative gearing program or big business tax policies.

“To sit there and draw a direct line between funding for people with disabilities and the cuts to other vulnerable members of our community — to those on welfare, to those on pensions — you could draw that line across a thousand different parts of the budget,” Fearnley said.

Source: ABC News