In The Media | 8 December 2014

Dear Stella Young, the world has lost its fizz without you, love Benjamin Law

Occasionally, when you make a new friend, you fall so stupidly and hopelessly in love with them, it’s all you can do to prevent yourself from exclaiming to their face, “I love you! And although we’ve only just met, let’s be friends forever”.

Social etiquette and moronic ideas – pfft, you know, like “dignity” – stop most of us from doing that. But one of the things I adored about Stella Young was how, if she did like you, she’d rest her cheek in the palm of her hand, look at you dreamily and proclaim: “I like you.”

She first said this to me at a Melbourne party several years ago, in the exact moment I wanted to tell her the same thing. Happily, I’m not unique in this. Stella loved a lot of people; she made herself easy to love.