In The Media | 11 November 2016

Bundaberg disability group kicking down barriers through martial arts

If you are young, old, even in a wheelchair, a group in Bundaberg in Queensland is working hard to show that martial arts are for everyone by kicking down barriers around disability

It is a typical hall you might see in any town in Australia. Trophies line the wall and down the end is a picture of the Queen.

The floorboards are notched with the scuffs from a hundred old-time dance nights, but today the floors thump and thud as bare feet stamp out the rhythm of taekwondo moves.

The group are part of the Endeavour Foundation’s Learning and Lifestyle program in Bundaberg, which works to provide learning opportunities, recreation and social activities.

The hope is this will help to improve communication skills and relationships, health and fitness and skills for everyday life — for example, learning to shop for groceries.

“For nine people who had an interest in martial arts that meant learning a host of new skills, improving upon their flexibility, fitness and growing in confidence,” said an Endeavour Foundation spokesperson.

Source: ABC News