In The Media | 21 October 2016

ACT NDIS ‘Shutdown’ Resolved

The issues that would have seen more than a 1,000 people with disability missing out on the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the ACT appear to have been resolved.

An NDIS forum in Melbourne organised by the Summer Foundation heard that in the last 24 hours that the territory government had met with the federal government to resolve a situation that would have meant the capping of the number of people eligible for the new scheme.

General manager of markets and providers at the National Disability Insurance Agency, Esther Kerr-Smith told the forum that it was timely to be able to say that a move to a resolution had been found.

“The original targets for the ACT were only estimates and the agency is now doing planning for those who had made applications and others who are still to make their plans can now do so,” Kerr-Smith said.

Kerr-Smith said this had been resolved in the last 24 to 48 hours.

She said the discussions between the territory and federal governments to find a resolution could not have taken place during the recent election campaign.

Source: Pro Bono Australia