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The Minister for the NDIS Linda Reynolds is meeting with all of the Disability Ministers from each state and territory this Friday – and she is going to ask them to support her proposed changes to the NDIS.

We need to make sure that every single Minister knows that people with disability and their families are absolutely against the Federal Government’s changes. But to do that we need your help.

Can you contact the Disability Ministers now, and let them know you don’t support the government’s planned changes to the NDIS – and they shouldn’t either? 

You don’t have to find the words – we have an email all ready to go. Just fill in your details and hit send in the box on this page. But if you would like to add your personalised message you can add it to the top of the email.

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More ways to get in touch with your state or territory Disability Minister

Email the state and territory Disability Ministers

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Onwards We Go!

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You did this! NDIS compulsory assessments have officially been dumped

Last Friday, Minister for the NDIS Linda Reynolds met with each of the state and territory Disability Ministers, to ask them to support her plans for the biggest changes to the NDIS since it started – including compulsory ‘independent’ assessments.

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