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What are the different pollies saying about the NDIS this election?

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Want to know where your candidates and political parties stand when it comes to the NDIS this election?

We’ve done a wrap of what we know so far, based on the official information on their websites, commitments made publicly in the media or in correspondence.

But, if you want to know exactly what your local candidates are planning, ask them!

Use the quick and easy form on this page to find out who wants your vote, then send them an email. It only takes a minute or two and goes directly into their inboxes.

You can also write to them, call them or ask them for a meeting – or see if they are holding public forums and ask them your questions about the NDIS and disability there!

Check out the election resources page for more how-to info.

Major political parties

Here’s a round up of what the major political parties have said about their plans for the NDIS recently.

It is in alphabetical order. It is correct to the best of our ability on May 17, 2022.

More policies may be released in the lead up to the election. We will update this page.

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ALP Labor logo

Australian Labor Party

On 19 April, Bill Shorten – Shadow Minister for the NDIS – released Labor’s NDIS policy “A Better Future for the NDIS

“The NDIS is Australia’s disability safety net – a great Labor idea like Medicare and Superannuation – that has been damaged by a decade of Liberal cuts, mismanagement and chaos.

“An Albanese Labor Government will protect the NDIS and get it back on track, so it works for people with disability and their families, carers, disability service providers and workers.

Importantly, Labor will stop the unfair cuts to NDIS participants’ plans with an expert review mechanism”.


Liberal Party logo

Liberal Party

There is no policy about the NDIS on the Liberal Patry’s website.

In correspondence to Every Australian Counts on April 28 on behalf of Senator Linda Reynolds, it was stated:

“The Morrison Government is fully funding the NDIS as an essential service that over half a million Australians with significant and permanent disability rely on. In the March 2022 Budget, we provided record investment in the NDIS of over $158.7 billion over four years.

“The Government continues to focus on improving the participant experience and reducing the administrative burden felt by participants, including through recent passage of legislation through the Parliament which will give effect to the Participant Service Guarantee and embeds co-design as a principle in the NDIS Act.

“The Morrison Government continues to prioritise listening to, and learning from, participants and the disability community, acknowledging that it is fundamental to improving the NDIS. The NDIA Engagement Framework, developed in collaboration with the Independent Advisory Council and Disability Representative and Carers Organisations, will ensure the views and experiences of people with disability are included in the decisions the NDIA makes”.


Green and yellow logo that says the Nationals in large capital font and underneath it in script font it says for Regional Australiia

National Party

There is no policy about the NDIS on National Patry website.

The NDIS has been mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in doorstop interviews on April 8, 2022.

“We want to have the money for the NDIS, and you want money for social security and pensions, and health and education, and you want to buy yourself nuclear submarines. Well, the money has to come from somewhere. It’s not going to fall out of the ceiling. You’ve got to be a realist and say where do we make money? We make money out of that. We make money out of iron ore. We make money out of the gas.”

“Coal is one of our biggest export earners and a significant economic driver, helping pay for services such as our Defence Force, the NDIS, and hospitals and schools.”


The Greens' logo


The Greens launched their plan to create an Accessible Australia back on December 3, 2021.

As part of their Accessible Australia policy the Greens will:

  • Remove the staffing cap and ensure that staff receive high-quality, ongoing training and support;
  • Ensure the IT systems and interfaces for participants and service providers are fit for purpose and fully accessible;
  • Ensure the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is properly resourced to undertake its compliance and investigative capacity through an immediate investment of $300 million;
  • Push to remove the age limit that prevents people over 65 from being
  • Boost NDIS funding and reinvest into the NDIS the $160 million the Morrison Government committed to corporations as part of their failed attempt to roll out Independent Assessments


Minor parties and independent candidates

  • Find out what they’re saying about the NDIS – use the form on this page to email your candidates directly.
  • Keep an eye on our marginal seat and region pages to see if the pollies from those areas have said things.
  • On some of the party and candidate websites, there is a search function. If you type in NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme, it will show where this issue has been mentioned before – like in a press conference, older policy or plan.

Email your candidates

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