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All of us want people with disability to be safe from COVID-19.

But governments have been talking about opening up very soon – like when 70% of people are vaccinated.

The reality is there are far too many people with disability who still haven’t been able to get the vaccine.

People with disability were included in priority groups 1a and 1b in January this year. But people with disability are still lagging behind in the vaccine rollout. This is unacceptable, and dangerous. Many people with disability are at much higher risk of death and serious complications if they are infected.

We need much more action – right now – to make sure all the people with disability who can get the jab do get the vaccine – before states open up.

Enough is enough.

So let’s tell the government our real stories about what needs to change to get people with disability vaccinated as soon as possible.

  1. We want to hear first-hand from you about your experience getting the vaccine (or trying to). What worked well and what didn’t?
  2. What do you think the Government could and should do to help more people with disability and families get vaccinated?

We’ll put your stories and ideas together and share them with the powers that be – like Health Minister Greg Hunt – so governments knows they need to do everything in their power to protect people with disability ASAP.

States and territories can only open back up safely when people with disability are not at risk.

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