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Every Australian Counts is a people’s campaign sweeping across the country, demanding the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), as recommended by the Productivity Commission.

The NDIS will revolutionise the way people with a disability, their families and carers are supported in Australia.  It will replace all the current state and territory disability systems, because they don’t work.

The NDIS will be a modern, person-centred support system, helping hundreds of thousands of Australians with disability and their families to have the opportunity to participate actively in their communities by providing targeted supports aligned to need.

The NDIS will be portable – your entitlement to support will be the same wherever you live in Australia.

The NDIS was devised and recommended by the Productivity Commission in July 2011, following an intensive 18-month investigation of the unmet needs of people with disability and their families and carers across Australia, and analysis of high-functioning disability support systems overseas.

The Productivity Commission’s recommendations for the NDIS have been welcomed by people with disability and their families, carers and support organisations across the country.

The Federal Government has begun the first stages of implementing the NDIS, but the scheme is not guaranteed, by any political party.

To Make the NDIS Real for every Australian, your support counts.

If you want a disability system that works for you – not a bureaucracy – you must make your voice heard to your MP and to the Australian public.

The Every Australian Counts campaign helps people campaign for the NDIS in many different ways.  Find out how you can support our current campaign action today.

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