News | 12 October 2016

Travel, everyone is doing it!

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Girl in wheelchair traveling New Zealand

The growth in accessible tourism means a rethink for the travel industry if they’re going to make the most of the opportunity according to a new report.

Market research company describes accessible tourism as the Australian travel industry’s greatest untapped opportunity.

They’ve released a new report, highlighting the size of the potential market and tips on how to tap into it.

Around one in five tourists have a disability. The majority of those disabilities are not visible.

Travellers with a disability spend 8 billion dollars a year on Australian tourism.

In the words of Australia’s Bill Forrester from travel company Travelability, it’s no longer about just ramps and bathrooms;

“it’s about building products and services for a larger and rapidly growing market”.

“It’s no longer a niche, but rather a segment that is approaching 25 per cent of the tourism spend.”

You can read more from Bill here.

According to the report people with disabilities are generally tech savvy with more than 58% using mobile devices to support their travel needs – something for travel companies to think about when designing services.

The report includes marketing tips, physical practicalities guidelines, advice and useful links from various sources from around the world, including Tourism Victoria.

Read the report here.

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