News | 2 December 2015

Tomorrow is our day

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International Day of People with Disability

Tomorrow is International Day of People with Disability and will be marked by events around Australia. It’s also the perfect time to remind decision makers that we need NDIS roll out details for every state and territory. Sign the petition now.

Today Every Australian Counts launched a petition to call for the urgent release of the remaining bilateral agreements detailing the roll out of the NDIS around Australia.

Campaign spokesperson John Della Bosca said there are far too many people with disability who still don’t know when the NDIS is coming to them.

“For most of their lives, people with disability have been waiting: waiting for support; waiting for services; waiting for job opportunities; waiting for suitable housing,” Mr Della Bosca said.

“The NDIS promised to stop the waiting and deliver support to people with disability when they need it.  

“That’s why we decided to launch this petition and tell our leaders that we can’t wait another day to know when the NDIS will be rolled out to those that need it.”

You can sign the petition here

In April the Council of Australian Government’s (COAG) Reform Council, overseeing the delivery of the NDIS, told people with disability that the roll out plans, and the agreements they are based on, would be published by August.

“It’s now December. And five out of the eight agreements have still not been finalised,” Mr Della Bosca said.

Following their meeting two weeks ago, the COAG Reform Council communiqué said:

The Commonwealth and remaining jurisdictions are working collaboratively on detailed schedules of how to achieve transition to the NDIS and with a view to ensuring those transitions are as timely as possible.

“Its past ‘timely as possible’,” Mr Della Bosca said. 

“It’s time people got some certainty about their future. People with disability and their families and carers can’t wait another day.”

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