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The NDIS is reviewing prices – have your say

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Photo from above of the 19-20 NDIS Support Catalogue print out. It's held together with a big bulldog clip, and has a yellow sticky note on it reading 'check!'. It's on a wooden outdoor tabletop.

We hear a lot from people about NDIS prices – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Well now the NDIA want to hear from you too.

Yesterday the Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert announced the annual NDIS price review.

This review happens every year but this year we reckon they have done a MUCH better job telling people what is happening and what they want feedback on.

And in particular making it really clear that they want to hear from everyone – not just providers.

As everyone here knows we are often critical of communication out of the NDIA so kudos to them for getting onto this one.

So what is the review looking at?

The NDIA say they are keen to hear about anything to do with pricing.

But they particularly want to hear about:

  • ways to increase flexibility for participants and their families
  • ways to improve the price guide and support catalogue
  • whether price limits for individual and group supports are working
  • whether prices for services in rural, remote and very remote areas are ok
  • what people think about prices for capacity building supports and services like therapy
  • whether the prices for plan management are working
  • claims by providers for travel, cancellations and establishment fees

There is a discussion paper – you can find it here.

Just a word of warning

While the NDIA have made it clear they want to hear from everyone, we have to say the discussion paper isn’t very accessible – there’s a lot consultant/provider/goobledegook. And there isn’t an easy read version.

But the good news if you can’t make sense of the paper don’t worry – you don’t have read it in order have a say.

The NDIA have been very clear – you don’t have to answer the questions from the discussion paper. You don’t have to stick to the topics in the discussion paper.

You can just send a short email about the issue that is most important to you.

And they want to hear from as many people as possible.

Working groups

As part of the review the NDIA are also starting six working groups. The groups are looking at:

  • The NDIS cost model for Disability Support Workers
  • Geographical issues
  • Price controls for group supports
  • Billing rules
  • Capacity-building (including therapy) supports
  • Plan management supports.

They are going to tap people on the shoulder for these groups – but they have also said if you would like to nominate yourself, just send them an email and let them know you are interested.

Again this is good news – it’s great that participants and their families have a chance to be more involved.

What’s next?

The NDIA will pull together all the feedback and will release a draft report early 2020. People will then have another chance to say what they think of the report.

After that second round, the NDIA will come up with a set of recommendations. They will go to the Pricing Reference Group, the CEO and Board for approval.

New prices and changes will be announced and will come into effect July 1 2020.

So what should I do?

We hear about prices a lot during our Make it Work forums – prices for therapy, TTP, cancellation policies, transport policies are all things that come up a lot.

This is a great chance to tell the NDIA what is and isn’t working for you on these issues – and any others.

You can read more on the price review page on the NDIS website.

You can send your feedback and ideas to

Or you can use snail mail:

Annual Price Review,
National Disability Insurance Agency
GPO Box 700

This review is open all the way until February 2 2020 so there is plenty of time to have your say.



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