News 10 October 2019

COAG gets moving

At every single forum we hold around the country, every single time we ask for stories and feedback, we hear about one issue – transport.

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In The Media 15 August 2017

Clarity needed on NDIS mental health care

The federal government is being urged to clarify when people with a mental illness can access support under the national disability insurance scheme.

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News 26 November 2015

Understanding the new mental health reforms

The Australian Government announced “sweeping reforms” to how we support people with mental health issues. What are the reforms and are they good news?

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News 13 October 2015

Mental Health and the NDIS

The NDIS has the potential to support thousands of Australians with mental illness across Australia. Following on from Mental Health Week we look at who qualifies and what support is available.

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Opinion 1 September 2015

How to speak to your employer about mental illness

Long ago — maybe I was 19 — I walked out of a job on the second day and just never went back. It was a temp job, entering data into a machine and then checking the data and then entering more data. I was being paid $18 an hour, which was pretty good at the time.

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In The Media 16 February 2015

Funding for mental health services to quadruple under NDIS

Funding for mental health services will quadruple as the government prepares to transition service providers to the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS).

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