News 3 August 2020

Getting answers to the big questions – our Zoom forum with the NDIA

Why can’t we have planning meetings over video? Why can’t we get contact details for staff at the NDIA? Why do approvals for equipment take so long?

And will you cut my funding next time because I did not use all of it as a result of COVID lockdowns?

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News 2 August 2020

New Coronavirus rules for Victoria

The Victorian government has just announced new coronavirus rules for everyone in Victoria. Metro Melbourne has moved to Stage 4 restrictions, and rural areas are moving to Stage 3. Here’s what is changing…

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News 29 July 2020

Get your mask on!

There’s been a bunch of new info released over the last couple of weeks around masks and people with disability. We’ve popped it all in the one place so you don’t have to go hunting. (And we have done our best to try and explain what it all means which has NOT been easy…)

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