Research and Reports | 4 September 2015

Do you live in a home of your choice? Tell us about it!

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Are you an adult with intellectual disability who lives in a home of your choice in WA, Victoria or NSW? There’s a new research study you can be part of.

The research project which focusses on individual supported living is being run by Curtin University, Deakin University and the University of Sydney, supported by National Disability Services. They are looking for adults with intellectual disability to answer questions about their living arrangements and what makes living in their home of choice work for them.

The research teams are hoping to find out how common individual supported living is, and what kind of arrangements and supports people have.

“We’re really trying to find out more about individual supported living arrangements – what works and what doesn’t,” Sydney University Research Fellow, Friederike Gadow, said.

“It will help us develop recommendations that will be useful for adults with disabilities, families, support services, and for effective policies.”

The Individual Supported Living research project is a national two-year project funded through an Australian Research Council Linkage grant.

Individual supported living means you live in a place like your own flat or unit or other home of your own, independent of your family. You may get round the clock support, drop-in support, or support from home, or you may share with a friend who does not have an intellectual disability and helps you out when you need it.

It’s a different way of living than group homes, where a number of people with disability live together.

The researchers want to hear from 50 people each from Victoria, NSW and WA who live in all forms of individual supported accommodation.

They’re looking at how people with disability decide to move into individual supported living; how they were able to do it; and what supports they need to sustain this.

You can take part by talking to the researchers. The interviews will take about two hours, with a team of four researchers coming to your house if and when it suits you. Friends, family members, support workers and advocates are welcome to be there with you.

There will be another interview with one team member to ask you about your life and your decisions around your current living arrangements.

The project is also looking for people to be part of the evaluation teams that carry out the interviews. They are particularly interested in getting people with disability, family members and disability support workers involved.

If you would like to know more about the project, or know someone who might be interested in participating, please contact:

In WA:

Allyson Thompson, Research Associate, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, Curtin University,

Email Tel (08) 9266 3601

In Victoria:

Jenny Crosbie, Deakin University, School of Psychology

Email Tel (03) 9251 7887


Friederike Gadow, Research Fellow, Centre for Disability Studies, University of Sydney

Email Tel (02) 9036 3611