Research and Reports | 14 February 2017

Aboriginal participation in disability services

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HealthBulletin report

A report from the Australian Indigenous Health Bulletin details the twelve factors that can influence the participation of Aboriginal people in disability services.

It investigated the factors that influence the participation of Aboriginal people in disability services in New South Wales using data collected from interviews with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal workers in disability services in NSW.

The prevalence of disability in the Aboriginal population is reported to be over twice the rate of disability in the non-Aboriginal population.

The report called for access barriers to be addressed for Aboriginal people during the current national government reforms to the disability services sector under the NDIS.

The twelve key factors were identified as:

  1. Conceptualising Disability
  2. Family and Kin
  3. Colonisation and Trauma
  4. Racism
  5. Choice of Workers
  6. Choice of Organisations
  7. Community Connections
  8. Trustworthiness of mainstream services
  9. Multiple Agency Intervention
  10. Trusting Workers
  11. Mobility
  12. Affirmative Action Policy

The full report can be found here.