News | 26 February 2021

NDIA announce compulsory assessment contractors three days after closing submissions

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Logos of the winners of the NDIA’s ‘independent’ assessment tender. A faint WHODAS assessment. Logos: Outlook Matters Psychology, Innovative Rehab, Pain NT, Konekt, Rehab Management (Aust) Pty Ltd, Access Care Network Australia, IPAR Rehabilitation, Advanced Personnel Management (APM), HealthStrong, Allied Care Group.

Contracts were given to:

➡️ Outlook Matters Psychology

➡️ Innovative Rehab

➡️ Pain NT

➡️ Konekt

➡️ Rehab Management (Aust) Pty Ltd

➡️ Access Care Network Australia

➡️ IPAR Rehabilitation

➡️ Advanced Personnel Management (APM)

➡️ HealthStrong

➡️ Allied Care Group (aka Plena Healthcare)

The NDIA have said that most participants will be able to chose between two of the organisations.

These organisations will have the contracts for at least three years.

Connection to previous NDIA CEO Rob De Luca

Allied Care Group is significant. They are in fact Plena Healthcare. And Plena Healthcare is Zenitas – also an NDIS provider. Zenitas might ring a bell – former NDIA CEO Rob De Luca and a number of his executive team left the NDIA for a sudden move there in 2019.

Earlier this year Plena Healthcare was listed as an additional provider of pilot NDIS assessments, along with HealthStrong, and existing pilot assessment provider APM.

It is unclear why the contract has been given to “Allied Care Group” rather than Plena, or Zenitas – especially after the rebranding efforts from Plena late last year.

More information

If you want to read more you can read the full statement from the NDIS website here.

There is information for participants here.

Take action

We have been flooded with stories and comments from people with disability and their families who don’t want to see these assessments introduced – whoever is paid to carry them out.

But as today’s announcement shows, work to introduce them is still progressing.

So there is no time to waste. If you don’t think these changes will work for you, you need to speak out now. You can take action here.

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