News | 23 December 2014

Hit the road … or the skies … or the island!

Floating at dawn in a hot air balloon, front row seats at a zoo safari tour, an elevated viewing tower at the Phillip Island penguin parade; three top outdoor attractions when visiting Melbourne. But wait, there’s more – they’re all accessible.

A free ebook from Lonely Planet called Accessible Melbourne gives up the secrets of Melbourne (and surrounds) for travellers negotiating mobility, hearing or vision issues.

Enhanced with user reviews and insider tips, this ebook is a great start to planning your trip to the city.

And once you’re done with the great outdoors, there’s plenty of accessible eating and drinking spots to try.

Accessible Melbourne is Lonely Planet’s first accessibility guide in their Travel for All project.

The Travel for All accessible travel community on Google+ is also brimming with accessible travel tips from all round the world.

Check out your free Accessible Melbourne ebook and you’re ready to hit the road … or the skies…or the island!

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