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Everyone wants the NDIS to work well for the people who need it.

But Minister for the NDIS Linda Reynolds has quickly introduced new legislation to Parliament, and people with disability and families are really worried.

What’s the number one change to the NDIS Bill people are telling us they are worried about?

A new power that would allow the CEO to change your NDIS plan at any time. 

The Tune Review recommended the CEO should be able to make small changes to people’s plans – but only in really limited circumstances.

We think those limited circumstances should be in the Bill. But they are not.

The changes to Sections 47A and 48 in this Bill means the CEO could change your plan. The Rules about how that will work have not been released yet. The government had planned to release them AFTER the Bill passes, but have since promised to make ‘tweaks’ and share a draft ‘shortly’.

This would also give the NDIS Minister of the day broad sweeping powers to change the rules at any time. Instead of sharing the governance of the scheme with state and territory Disability Ministers. 

The Section 47A change is “particularly dangerous as it could depend on the CEO, their integrity, and the needs and wants of the Government of the time!” – Joe, Victoria

People with disability, families, and the people who support them have had very little time to learn about all of the complex legislation changes being proposed. And despite our requests for more time, Minister Reynolds won’t budge. The Minister has made it clear she would like the Bill to get through Parliament before the end of the year, without any big changes.

The Minister will ask the Senate to vote on this Bill within the next two weeks – between November 22 and December 2.

But if we all act now, we have the power to change this.

We know everyone is sick and tired of fighting to keep the NDIS working well. So to make it as easy as possible, we have set up a form with a letter already written right here on this page. All we need you to do is enter your details and hit send. If you want to make changes you can, it’s completely up to you.

We can stop this if we all work together and tell our Senators why this is dangerous. 

But we need everyone who cares about the NDIS to send an email, now.

Especially people who live in Senate crossbench states like South Australia, Tasmania, and Queensland.

Thank you for taking action and fighting for our NDIS!

Please note: Your email is so important that we are sending it to all of the Senators across Australia. A lot of Senators have auto-reply emails set up to say that they have received your email. So please don’t be worried if this happens to you – it is normal. If you get a more interesting reply about your concerns please feel free to share with us at

Want to know more about the changes?

📌 Read the submissions people made to the Senate inquiry

📌 Read the Hansard from the Senate inquiry public hearing

📌 Watch the Senate inquiry public hearing videos: Part 1Part 2

Email all Senatorss

Ask them to protect the NDIS in Parliament

  • We’ll send you a copy of your email.

We take your privacy seriously. Read more on our collection statement.

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